Studio 180 Barcelona is a bilingual (English/Spanish) fitness studio located next to the beautiful Montjuic Park. The Studio is led by Fiona King, a qualified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Nordic Walking instructor with 10 years experience helping her clients to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Since being a student Fiona has led mixed groups in pursuit of their fitness goals. Her experience helped her significantly when in 2003, after 2 serious car accidents and a fall whilst canyoning in Jordan Doctors told her she would never do sport ever again due to the back injuries she had sustained. After a year of constant, severe back pain, medication and exceedingly limited mobility she decided to take matters into her own hands. Ignoring doctors advice she started her own programme of strength, mobility and flexibility exercises. Within 2 weeks she had improved sufficiently to be able to significantly reduce her medication and within a year was back to full strength, mobility and was pain and medication free. Thirteen years later Fiona remains strong, fit, agile and most importantly pain free.